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Lectric LS Lectric LS Lectric LS Lectric LS Lectric LS Lectric LS Lectric LS
Lectric LS Lectric LS Lectric LS Lectric LS Lectric LS Lectric LS Lectric LS

Lectric LS

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Product Info

The board designed to dominate the market is here. The LS is an easy to ride electric longboard with revolutionary technology behind it. With a re-coded program that makes the transition between accelerating and braking so smooth it will go almost unnoticed. The new motor design places the motors inside the wheels, eliminating almost all user maintenance and making the board whisper quiet. Here are the specs you need to know about the Lectric LS.

*23 or 26 Mph Top Speed

*Up to a 15-18 Mile Range

Dual Hub Motor Design

Eco and Ludicrous Riding Modes

Reverse Capabilities 

300 watts of power in each motor, 600 watts total

13 lbs

36 Inch Canadian Maple Deck

80 mm wheels with 77aa

20% Hill Climb

No belt drag and no belt maintenance 

Able to be ridden on or off

Interchangeable Hub Wheel Design

*Designed and assembled in the USA

** Top speed and range are affected by a number of variables. 

** If you switch to the 26 mph top speed your range will decrease significantly if you utilize the 26 mph top speed.


 What's in the box?

Lectric Longboard LS


Board Charger

Remote Charging Cable

Skate Tool

Rider Manuel 

Warranty and Shipping

All boards come with a 90 day warranty. We are extending all pre-order boards to a 6 Month Manufacturer Warranty. To learn more about the warranty go to this page.

Shipping is calculated at checkout. Fulfillment is 2-3 days after the order is placed. For European customers please anticipate 4-8 extra weeks for fulfillment. For Canada shipping does not include duties and taxes though it is included in the shipping charges for European orders. 

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